~ 2 ~


Know that I AM the living God. Knowing all things, doing all things, because I live in him who sent me. Know ye not that you are the living god; one with the Father - Mother God. You were in existence before the world was formed. You came forth from the heart of the Creator to be his voice in many worlds.

You too are divine. Never forget little one, your divine heritage among the stars. I was before ages and so were you; - created in the image and likeness of our beloved protectors and guides.

You played among the stars. The galaxies were your home. You have never left your home. In reality, your Spirit resides among the stars. Your Spirit sparkles like diamonds glistening in the heavens of the firmament.

Play among the stars. They are your sisters and brothers and my creation. Enjoy your playground child of earth, for so little at a time. Remember from whence you came.  Upon the doors of the heart of man behold not his dark shadows. Shine your light into his heart so that he may see what he truly is: - a beloved  creation.

Go, do the work among the brethren. They, like you, are on a royal mission. They too hold a royal commission. It is to be who they are; - royal children of the most High God.

I give you my blessings little one, and I sprinkle stardust throughout your aura -  so that you may reflect within your brethren, their divinity.

Go in peace to love and serve as you serve man.
Blessings, Child of the Stars.
From the Great Central Sun

(I am blessed to receive this communication from the great Master of Inner Peace.)