3 ~

I AM the living God out of which all has come. Come Creator with me into the house of the Lord. Sing unto me a new song. A song filled with laughter of praise and thanksgiving - of thankfulness for your birthright. For you were born into the children of man to reside with them a while, so that the may re-gain their memory of their divine heritage.

Go into the market place, beloved messengers. Take your place in my Temple. Reside in the Holy of Holiest. It is your birthright.

Speak with the priests and rabbis. Tell them the wonderful truth of their beginnings and endings. For there are no endings; - only more and more wonderful excursions into multiple levels of reality.

Remember with me as we travel the pathway of the stars. Limit not your imagination; for out of images, stars are born. Universal mind, the Great Creator, knows all things; - creates all things. Delve into your mind and expand your consciousness into all that is. Limit not the creative source within you and about you.

You would know the mysteries of life and death? There are no mysteries; - there is no death; - only life. - Eternal life. Everywhere existing.

The University of life is your opportunity to study and grow; - and to expand your creative nature and the opportunity to be about your Father’s business, as we have spoken.

Limit not the God within. You are a child of the Universe and unlike many on your earthplane,  you have discovered the key to the Inner Sanctum; - the inner room within the heart. Go into that room; - unlock the many treasures.

The rubies and diamonds; - the sapphires of liquid blue light of the Holy Commission. To speak and share that which you have discovered and uncovered. That is your mission. Blow the dust from the diamonds. Allow them to shine in the dark places within the heart, little one.

You are my beloved child. My son, my daughter, my sister, my brother. We are One. We are all part of the fatherhood of Light; - the great family of Light.

Shine your light into the dark corners of your world. Many blessings are coming to you as you play among God’s children. Remember to play; - remember to pray. The prayers are your requests for assistance. We must all be about the work of the Father. Call on us. We will assist you.

You shine as a beacon on the shore of humanity. Let not that Light be dimmed by the miasma of the masses. You are strong and you are blessed. And we send to you courage and assistance, beloved friend.