St. Germain

   ~ 4 ~

I AWAKEN IN YOUR HEART THIS DAY THE FLAME OF FREEDOM. Be on guard to defend the flame in my name. I AM St. Germaine.

Long you have walked alone and unattended, waiting for the moment of victory. I say it is here: NOW. Claim it, nurture it. It is yours. It is your birthright.

Let your sandals gather dust no longer, child of the Universe. Fly like the eagle that you are. Take your place among the stars. Your brothers and I salute you.

The Christ has been born; - the Christchild anointed with the Holy Spirit. Take your banner of freedom. Hold the staff high and wave it as I wave my magic wand to awaken the sleeping children.

Victory is yours this day. We say again: “Do not grovel amidst the dirt and confusion of distorted misqualified energies. Rise to the occasion. Grasp the moment of victory. You have earned it, my child.”

The silver streams of thoughts from your mind will light the paths of many. And we are here to expand that Light to brighten those paths.

You are never alone. You never could be; - for you have never left your Father’s house.

Come home now, child. Join with us in our celebration of your newly earned freedom. Restoral now; - that is the ministry and the mission. Restoral and resurrection in every heart of every child of God, that is the mission.

They are ready and we are ready. Act now. So be it. Allow the light of your countenance to shine upon your brothers and sisters. See into their pure hearts and reflect it back into the eyes of their souls. They are ready and they are hungry my child - for the food which you have feasted.

Thanksgiving time is here. Lead them into the banquet room of Light and Love. Bring them home from their wary road into darkness.

Be at peace, my children of Light. I bring you blessings of the Freedom Flame.