~ 5 ~

Prepare now for the day of the world. Build the Church; - the Temple of the Holy Spirit.

A goldmine is waiting to be discovered. Waiting to be claimed. We claim the name of God. Get the shoulder to the shovel. It is time. We are here. Huddle no more in dark places. Bring lightness into darkness. Dispel the darkness. The dank corners of darkened minds breed hatred and discontent.

We shout: “Light, more Light.” It is Light that dispels the darkness; Light alone. Knowledge of the Light. God is Light. Light is Love. That is the message of the day. It has been the message for all ages. It is not new, it is not mystery. Light is Love, Love is Light; - you are these. Bright and shining stars whose vision has been dimmed on your assignment away from home.

You are children of the Cosmos. You do not belong to time and space. It is time to return home. Follow your Light; - the Light of your soul, back to the place in which you were born; - the heart of the Creator.

Come in from your assignments for rest, recuperation and restoral. There are new assignments waiting for all of us. Stagnation and discontent are unworthy of you Children of Light.

See the vision. Behold the Star; - the Star that you are. Direct your mind to follow that Star. It is your path home. you are vanguards of Light. Be the Light. Be a Savior, shine your light and be a beacon to those who are searching for a way out of the valley of discontent.

It is time for golden streams of wisdom to illuminate your planet. The destiny of your planet is to become a sphere of Golden Light. That light is awakened consciousness of humanity. This planet is destined to become a sacred planet to join the community of Light.

Camelot will come again to your planet. This time, it is to be embraced. Put on your robes of remembrance; - dance in the moonlight; - reflect the light of the moon.

The Spirit of the Holy Grail lives. It is lying dormant within the hearts of mankind, but it is there. We hold before you a vision of the Grail. It is your Light, Body and Spirit. You are a chalice of The Holy Spirit. Feel the Light pour into your heart and pour it out upon your world.

We are your brothers and sisters of Light.