~ 6 ~

I AM Light. I serve the Light. I AM the Light of the world.

Welcome to you, child of the Light into the Father’s House. As your consciousness joins with mine, we are the Light of the world. In reality all is Light. The bright shining radiance of the Father-Mother God.

When I spoke to the children of Earth of their divine heritance, it was to remind them of All Light. Know ye not that ye are children of the Most High God; - perfect reflections of that power and strength. How long will you be ignorant of your divinity?

I came to show you the way back home, - to the home that you never left, except in your confused thinking. A child is always a part of the parents; - those who give it life.

Speak my name and I AM with you. We have work to do on your planet; - my former home. The beautiful Earth Mother cries for cleansing. Her heart aches for her children. Her eyes are dimmed by the dark thoughts and deeds that are perpetrated within her aura. They penetrate her body and cause great distress. She will be relieved. She will shake off that which disturbs her. She loves you, dear children; - but she will be cleansed. All will be cleansed. Your planet will become a Planet of Light. The time has come to awaken Self. It is time to serve others, to be a beacon of Light.

Quiet the mind; go into the Temple within the heart. See the flame that is the Father, the Mother. That is you. Emblazon that Light throughout your being. Direct it to every part of your body. Allow no darkness to remain. Feel the pulsating power as every atom (Adam) of your being is illuminated.

Walk with the word of power on your lips. - That power is Love. God is Love. All is God. Cast the darkness aside. Take off the robe of ignorance and enter into the Age of Light.

It is time.

AND I AM Your brother  JESUS