~ 7 ~

Dear child, as I have said to you and to many, it is time for the slaves to be free. Help free them, my child. Through the words of faith and power I now decree: “My people shall be free.”

“Let my people go” was my prayer to the Creator. It was my demand to the Pharaoh. I say again: “Let my people be free.” Too long have they been held in their prisons of the mind. Be slaves no longer. You are the master of your being. Break the chains of smallness and bitterness. Shake off the dust of your inner flame. Speak your rightful name: “I AM THAT I AM.”

Too long have you played out your lives as slaves on the great wheel. Again and again you came to be of the earth - to bind yourselves to the earth. You are not created from the dust of stars. Look to the stars. Wait not for one star to guide you. Follow your own star; - the star that you are.

When we cried to the Creator to be free, our prayers were answered. We were delivered out of bondage. We were given our rightful name: “I AM.”

Be still and know the I AM God. Remove the shackles from your mind. Be slaves no longer. Take the chains from your hands and the dust from your feet. Wander no longer in the desert. Cry no longer for the Messiah. He has come; - and he is you.

Build not with mud, my children. Build with the mind. Illumine your mind with all powerful, ever present I AM THAT I AM.

Bask in the light of your illuminated mind and bring peace to your soul. Wander no longer through Sinai. Jerusalem, the place of peace is within you. The Christos has been born. You are anointed by the Light of your own being.

Be not content to create hovels of poverty of the soul. Build your mansions through the power of your heart and mind. Lift up your eyes unto the hills; - the high consciousness from whence cometh your help.

We, your brothers and sisters hear your prayers; - your cries in the wilderness. Do not be blinded any longer. You are free and you are not alone. Many bring blessings to you as you open yourselves to receive blessings. You are worthy dear ones, to receive the blessings of the Father. Many of you followed me into the desert where we wandered for forty years. Wander no longer in darkness and fear. Celebrate your freedom. You are free.

In friendship I AM MOSES