El Morya

~ 8 ~

Greetings my children.

The seven Holy Cities of Light, the seven seals of Truth are waiting to be opened. Hasten to them. Tarry no longer with backs bent to the fields as you gather the leavings of the field. The crop is ripened. It is time for the harvest.

Rest not on your laurels. The laurel wreath is yet to be won. Harvest with a song in your hearts. Sing a song of praise to the creator and his creations. Sing songs of praise of handiwork to your brothers and sisters. It is time for the homecoming. Sound the trumpet to bring them home. Bring them into the great storehouse of the Father’s blessings where they may dwell in eternal peace.

Be at peace, my dear ones. You have toiled long in the muck and mire for penniless gain. Lift your heads to the sun. Bathe in the golden rays of wisdom. Wash your souls in the blue of the sky. Transport your soul across the heavens on a mattress of clouds. The clouds are your brothers. Play with them, dance with them. They are your teachers. Watch them appear and disappear; reminding you of your existence in the earthplane. You come and you go, again and again upon the wheel. The bodies are tired; - the souls are tired.

Awaken to the promise of your Great Teacher. His words were true: “If I be lifted up, I bring all men to me into the Fathers House.” His body was translated into Light; - as yours will be. He was your wayshower, your example. And few have followed in his footsteps.

He built no altars, but you built one and placed him on a cross above it. Release the Teacher of Light. Release yourself from bondage.

Open the seals; - your sacred centers of consciousness and open the gates to the holy cities of the mind. You are the heirs to a Kingdom. You have but to claim the key. The key is deep within you. Go within the place of stillness; - allow the light of the soul to direct you. Take the golden key and open the treasure filled room of the mind.

The key is your sacred name. I AM. Use it wisely. You have been given the key to the kingdom of heaven. Allow not the rust of negative thoughts to weaken its power. Take your rightful place in the kingdom as prince, not slave.

Through the power of the spoken word, I AM EL MORYA