Blessings, dear friends.

“Many are called, but few are chosen” - that is your teaching. You take literally that which has great meaning and truth. All are called and all are chosen. But few choose to awaken to the call to service. The service for which you were given life.

You accepted the assignment called Life. You volunteered for it, beloved friends; - for none is pushed from the Father’s house. Yours was a sacrifice and an opportunity. To come into the earthplane, one must be strong to withstand the pull of materialism and physicality. The memory of home is dimmed by both pain and pleasure. Your spiritual eyes were dimmed as you gazed through physical eyes. The assignment is forgotten.

The assignment is to bring Light; - to be a beacon of Light. A teacher of Light. Many teachers are needed on your earthplane. Put on your robes of Light and walk among the people. Bless them, heal them with your Light. It is not necessary dear teacher, to preach. Be a shining example. That is what is needed. Be at peace. Work among the people in peaceful service. The soul’s growth is through service. Find a way to serve. Ask, and opportunity will be provided. There are many fields to be cultivated and few to sow the seeds.

The reward is great; - it is eternal peace. Let us work together to bring about the transformation into peace.

In loving serve, I AM SILVANUS