~ 10 ~

Greetings, my chelas of Light.

It is time for the Spirit of the east and west to merge. There is only one spirit; - the Spirit of One. Strive now to let go of your limited thinking and begin to allow your minds to move out into unexplored realms.

The Creator’s house is in vast proportion; - not the littleness that is perceived in little places of worship. Imagine the jungles of your world. The unexplored mountains and vast deserts. God is there. He is in the wind, the sun and the rain. There is no place that God is not.

The Creator is called by many names. Whether it is Brahma, or God, it is the same. As you discover the aspects of your being; - your real being, you give names to those discoveries. You call them Love and Wisdom. Others call them Christ and Buddha.

It is time for differences to dissolve. They are only appearances, they are not real. The Father, Son and Holy Spirit is One. Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva is One. The Holy teachings tell you: “Hear Oh Israel, the Lord thy God is One.” It is true.

See the Creator in all things, in all peoples. They are your friends, brothers and teachers. Now is the time for recognition and remembrance. Allow the memories to pass forth across the screen of your mind. You have called yourself an atheist. You were unaware of your divinity. But you were searching. You were never wrong.

The Golden Age of wisdom is here. Do not worship the golden calf of ignorance. Behold the God in your brothers as I behold the God in you.