evening star

   ~ 11 ~

Dear friends of earth…

It is said that you are masters, masters of limitations. It is true that you have played long in the kindergarten of Truth.

Now is time for higher grades and more understanding. The divine discontent within you urges you to greater knowledge, greater expression.

Fear not to look to the Light of the stars. They are your brothers and sisters. We light the way of your path as others have done for us. Your are Light Beings. Your are Light Bearers. Remember your mission to earth; - to bring the Light into a darkened planet. You allowed the view of forgetfulness to cloud your eyes. Remove it.

Allow your mind to explore the skies. Close your eyes. Be not limited by physical vision. Send your mind through the Universe. Look through your spiritual eye; - the eye of the soul.

Behold many facets of color, dance and song. Know that much of God’s creation is unseen to physical eyes and unheard by physical ears.

You are a child of the Universe; - a child of the stars.

Dance with us, come and play among the stars. Experience the ecstasy of your own being. Be free, dear friends of earth. You were never meant to be prisoners of your humanity. You are the same God essence as we are. You are Spirit and you are capable of greatness. Call forth from within you. The Master of Light and I celebrate your mission.