~ 12 ~

Behold I wear a robe of orange, and hair of black and I AM God.  Behold you wear clothing that is different and hair that is different, and you are God.

I come to you this day because I AM invited. To come to all who ask. The invitation is simple: “Ask and you shall receive.” It is written in your Holy Book. It is true, it is the Law.

Life is simple. That perhaps, is the difficulty, my friend. All are searching in corners of darkness. The way is in the Light.  Many are searching the higher shelves of your libraries, but the way is in the heart. Truth is in the heart. The heart knows no separation. The mind separates; the heart unifies. Regardless of your robe or your religion, all is one. Celebrate your unity as you explore your differences.

Learning is important, it is necessary for enlightenment. But do not let it block out the radiance of your own being. Expand your Light. Be the Light. You are God. BE.


(Received early morning of August 1995 before I leave for the SAI BABA RETREAT in the Jemez Mountains, New Mexico.