~ 13 ~

“Many are called but few are chosen.” It is true as is written. But let us clarify what is meant by these words.

Let us say that many are offered a job; many are enthusiastic to have the job. But than the enthusiasm wanes. Many other things become more important. There is intrusion into the designated time for the job. Many become weary; - they are bogged down with day to day happenings. They are not available to do God’s work; - the work of the Holy Spirit, as you refer to it. It is easy to become distracted in your world. Affairs of the mind and affairs of the heart are given prime importance, leaving little time for development of the soul and gratification to the Spirit.

We are proud of you my child. You bring your offerings to the altar and we receive them. The coins that you place on the altar will be transformed into silver and gold.  From your offerings of time spent with us will come streams of silver and gold. Streams of consciousness from the higher realms that descend upon you to flow through you to bless all the people.

We are proud of your efforts. We know your dedication to truth. And we shall expand your abilities as we water your soul and mind with out streams of Love.

“Awaken to the divinity within you, “ that is the message. The souls of earth have been parched by the drought of Love for Self. All their energies have been misspent on external happenings.

Now is time for the restoral of the soul. Now is time to polish the chalice within the heart. Time must be spent in the inner sanctum; - away from the clamor and din of the illusion that deadens the heart. Listen no more to the cries of the ego as it beacons you farther and farther away from the glories of your Father’s House.

You are being called home. Many are coming into the vibration of the earth- plane at this time to shout the message of restoral. Restore your own soul to its rightful place. Set it upon the high place of your priorities.

Remember the words of truth: “The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want. He leads me beside the still waters and he restores my soul. Ye, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, thou art with me.” Look to the Lord, he is within; - he has never left you. How can you be lost when you have never left home.

The Lord God of your own being resides within you, dear children. You only have to look. Brush the scales from the eyes and go into the silent room of the heart and there, behold God. The living flame of your being;   - your lifestream - is the pulsating flame before you. You are that flame. Claim your divinity dear children; - through the power of your own I AM presence. Look at the flame and remember that you are divine; - a part of the Creator is who you are.

Shake off the power and control of your ego. Take back the power you have given it; - the power to enslave the soul.  “Be ye transformed” into the I AM THAT I AM.

Beloved children, I AM KUTHUMI