~ 14 ~

There was a song made popular during your Second World War, as you called it. The song was called: “When the Lights Go On Again All over The World.”  This song was inspired by one who envisioned the end of the bombing raids; the blackouts and the fear in the hearts of the people. It was a beautiful song and it was sent by spirit to ease the hearts; - to bring comfort.

That song applies to your world at this time. “Hearts will sing again - all over the world.” It is true, dear children of Light that  you remember your inheritance. Your place in God’s heart, so that free hearts will sing and  “the lights will shine again all over the world.”

That war ended, but a greater one is being fought all over your world. The war of Light and Darkness. Light will prevail; - that is assured. But at what price will it come to your earthplane, dear children. You alone hold the answer. You are the answer to that question. You are the Light to dispel the darkness. Do not fear the darkness. To do so only increases its power over you. You are the Light of the world, you are Love. Turn on your heart light to be a beacon in an ocean of darkness. One beam of light dispels much darkness. One candle in a darkened room provides much light.

“Brighten the corner where you are.” - these words again, were given along with a melody to brighten your world. Many of the songs that we inspired were tainted by words of fear and limitation by the composers. But the spirit of freedom rang through to uplift and comfort humanity.

Many songs of entrapment and darkness are permeating your world. Be discerning as to your music. Listen and absorb words of truth - and melodies that uplift the heart.

Do not be taken prisoner in the dark days by forces of doom and destruction. Do not give power to ignorance. Remember that the opposite of Love is not Hate; - it is Fear. You would b held in bondage through ignorance. Limit not the power of your own being. Bring Light into the darkened places of your mind. Dispel the dark thoughts within through knowledge. Knowledge of self, remembrance of self. You and the Father are One. You are the Light of the world. See the Light in all your brothers and sisters. See the Lights in the animals, the plants and trees, the water and the sky. All is God, all is Light. The power of alchemy (all chemistry) is within you. The power of transformation resides in you as your own consciousness.

Be conscious, be awakened to your responsibility to humanity. We give you a new song; - become that song and help bring peace to your world.

“I am the Light of the World.
I AM God’s Creation.
I AM the Light of the World,
bringing Love to all the nations.
The earth is my home;
but I come from afar.
Oh children of earth,
we came from a star.”

Look out and look up, dear friends. It is your destiny.