~ 15 ~

Now hear this, Earthians: We are here. We are your brothers and we join our Light with you. We are One. We are older than many of you and our home planets are ancient ones. We love you and we are prepared to help you change into your lighter bodies.

The radiation of light from your planet has been dimmed. This has happened because of negative thoughts and actions of the masses. The mind of humanity must be awakened. Earth must take its place in the galaxy as a shining, sacred planet.

The other planets in this system are evolving as they should. We focus our love and light upon your planet to awaken the hearts and minds of the people. This must be done.

As you observe your physical and spiritual bodies, focus on the centers you call Chakras. You know that light must flow through each one to the next.  You start focusing the Light of Wisdom, of Kundalini, from the base  of your spine and on each center until it reaches your head. There, is created the Sacred Lotus.

Our solar system is like your body. It is the center of Light. We hear you speak of the “Law of Hermes.” It is true. “As above, so below.” All worlds are created from the divine pattern of the creative source. All is evolving. All is Light; - conscious Light. Each pulsation of Light is vibrating to and is an expression of divine principle.

As your Light centers your Chakras, express more purely the divine principle of that center. You radiate more Light. Each atom of your body emits more Light. You are becoming bodies of Light. You have always been children of Light. You have forgotten these laws and these truths. Your planet is a Chakra, a sacred center within the body of the solar system and it will evolve in consciousness to the next cradle of responsibility.

We are here to help bring out the great “conversion” in the words of your churches. A conversion of consciousness.

Darkness has taken great hold of the minds of men. They must be free. Free to evolve; free to solve the problems of poverty and pain on your planet.

You are Masters; - Masters of Life. You have mastered life in many places and forms. Go within; - that is the answer. Many are searching for the child within. We suggest dear friends, that you look for the Master within. He is you; - awaken him. Set him free from the entanglements of thoughts and desires that have entrapped the master.

Strengthen yourself through meditation and prayer. Nurture the Master; - strengthen him. You and he are One. He is your own I AM presence as you have been taught. Claim that name. There is power in that name. Great power for good is yours dear friends, as you claim your rightful place and responsibility. We recognize you as you are: As Masters of Light.

We salute you, and I AM ASHTAR