~ 16 ~

Words of Life - words of Light. They are the same, dear ones. You are light and you are life. You are always alive. Surely you know there is no death. It has been taught over and over, but you need to be reminded.

It is easy in the earthplane existence “to get caught up” as you say, in the body, mind and emotions. None of these, dear ones, is you. You are life; - the Life that resides within the form. The form that uses the mind and emotions to experience and express in the third dimensional reality of earth.

Do not attach yourself to the outer garment. The astronaut is not the suit that enables him to travel and exist on foreign soil. Your body is that suit; - blessed astronaut of earth. You are on a mission to planet earth. That mission is to spread Light to bring Light. Light is the law and the Creator.

You are a radiation of Light. The divine discontent within your heart is the feeling of being separated from the creator. All the playthings of earth will not pacify the soul that cries for attention. The soul has come to earth to be perfected. The Father is your Spirit. Your Spirit resides in the Father’s house; - in the heaven of consciousness. The soul is crying to be freed; - to return to the Spirit. Only the ego remains to separate you from freedom; - from Heaven.

Embrace your ego, your personality. Bathe it in love of the heart. It is fearful of disintegration. Deny not the ego. It is your tool for communication and individuality. It is not you, but it is a great tool.

Allow the ego to express Love and Unity in your world; not separation and distrust. The heart unifies, the ego separates.

Now is the time for unity. A universal consciousness of brotherhood is emerging. Encourage it. Lift up the chalice of the heart to the Light and recognize that we are one.