Elijah the Tishbite

                                                        ~ 17 ~

Boker Tov and Shalom...

You are wondering where I AM in the midst of all the changes and activity that is going on. I AM in the midst of it. You might say that I AM stirring up what might look like confusion.

Remember there is harmony even in chaos. It is true; much is happening. The status quo has been shaken up. Prepare for action.

Trips will be taken; - words written and spoken. Enjoy the excitement. There needs to be excitement and enthusiasm. These are the Spirit behind the happenings. I was always enthusiastic in my ministry as you refer to purpose. I was not understood by many. They were fearful of my fervor in serving God.

I listened to Yaweh and I did his bidding. I burned the altar of Baal. That is your mission; - destroy the Temple that man has built to worship money, the senses and perversion of the soul.

Burn them through the power of the Holy Spirit; - through the power of the spoken word. Your words of conviction come through the heart. Continue to speak. I AM with you. You have received my mantle; - wear it proudly. Wrap yourself in the mantle of the Lord and go forth.

The sandals have been placed on your feet so that the hot sands of the desert do not burn you. The desert is that place of learning - of aloneness. The mountains and rocky places of the Holy Spirit stand ready to burn them into cinders. Be vigilant, then act. You are divinely guided. The great forces of Light bless and protect you.

Go forth to bless the earth.