~ 18 ~

I AM Babaji and I AM here dear Chela, because I love you and all mankind. Now there is greater need for the expression of love than at any other time on our planet. It is my home. Also, where I reside among you. I reside in all places; - every where is home to Spirit.

Do not be confined to your earthly body. It is only temporary and it houses the atman; - the real Self.  Do not be imprisoned in the house. You are free to move about and explore the real self. Do not be imprisoned in the house. You are free to move about and explore the universe.

You are part of the great whole we call Brahma. The atman is a part of Brahma. They can never be separated. Realize and identify with your true nature. Be not separated from the bliss of your own self. Taste the honey that springs forth to bring sweetness to life.

Be at home at Samadi. Be restored by meditation upon your true nature. You are as a flower ready for the nectar to flow. Provide the nectar of your soul. Allow the sweetness to touch the people. They are in need of sweetness. They need to be guided by gentle words and kind words.

The words of guilt and sin dim the light of the soul. They darken the spirit till all is left is ashes of the heart. The Creator is Love. God is Love. Brahma is Love. It is so simple, yet to difficult for human ears to hear. Their ears have been deafened by sermons of sin. The only sin is the entrapment of Spirit. Open the cages of the hearts and minds and allow yourselves to fly. Paradise is waiting for you. Bee free. Be free as you were created to be.