Djwal Khul

~ 19 ~

We are here and we walk among you children of earth, but you have eyes that not see, ears that do not hear. Focus your attention on the higher realms of creation. See the good in all things; - in all people. Then you will progress in fulfilling your purpose here.

You are here for a purpose, you know.  Many are ready to do the work as you speak the name of power; - the name of the Radiant One.

You call this one by many names, but it is the All Light, all knowing, omnipresent Creator. Look to the Light; - bathe yourself in Light so that no darkness can penetrate your being. Protect yourself in dark days by invocation to the Light you call God. Only this shield of protection will ensure your safe guidance through turmoil  and confusion.

We are your brothers and sisters and we love you. We are here only to guide and assist you. Call on us, we will respond through the power of God.

Many are fearful; - they deny our presence. Many who have seen us, seen our ships, deny us. Do not be afraid, dear brothers and sisters. It is time for the greater consciousness. It is time for unity- for a universal community.

Remember that the law of attraction is always in effect. It is a natural law, it cannot be broken. You draw to you only from your level of consciousness.

There are others from outside your planet that you can contact, and many have. We are not “the gray ones”, or the others that you fear. Your fear draws to you those of the lesser planes of consciousness. Remember that fear begets fear and Love begets Love. You have the responsibility of choosing whom you will serve.

Choose the Light dear friends. For you are Light. We come to you as Light; for we all are the Light of the world.

I AM within the Astar command and I AM the ascended Master