Helios and vesta

                                                              ~ 20 ~

I AM pleased to offer you another spoonful of honey. I offer it to you and to all who would sweeten their lives and the lives of others.

I come from the Sun this morning to shine my light upon you and bring my blessings this morning. Vesta joins me as we breathe warmth and wisdom into your hearts and minds.

Feel our strengths as we combine to breathe Light into your aura. Take a deep breath, expand this Light throughout your body and allow it to expand through you to flow into your aura.

We breathe out our Love into your body, mind and spirit. Feel our presence and know that we are with you. We are always with you, even when the darkness of night shades our light.

You are Light. - But you have forgotten. You have lingered long in the dark corridors of the mind. Take the candle light that burns in your heart and light your mind. - Great changes will happen in your life. It is time for the changes. It is time for peace; - for the Golden Age.