Abraham lincoln

                                       ~ 21 ~

There has been much talk of freedom in your talks with the masters, my friend.

I come into your presence this morning to join with those who love freedom as I do. All men should be free. It is their heritage. Never could I understand man’s taking the freedom of another. God gives to all men equally. There is no higher or lower order of humanity. There is no division of worthy and unworthy.  All are the same; - cut out of the pattern of divinity. Created in the image of the Maker.

In my day there was much “righteousness” preached. Self-righteousness was what I saw and condemnation was what was dealt to brothers and sisters of darker skin. This sickened me in my soul. “How can this be.”, I pray over and over, until my prayers were answered by the messengers sent to save my soul. They brought words to my mind that charged my Spirit with deepening cries for Freedom. I was given those words that were called the Emancipation Proclamation: The edict of Freedom.

Now is the time for the edict to ring through the hearts, the minds and the voices of all Nations. Freedom is the cry in all hearts. Freedom to think, to feel, to express as the Inner God leads. True freedom from fear, bigotry and separation is Love, dear friends. Loosen the chains of self-imposed slavery and stand in the Light. Reach out to all nations, creeds and colors in the celebration of freedom.