Paul revere

~ 23 ~

“Listen my children and you shall hear of the midnight ride of Paul Revere.” Every school child could repeat those words and the cry was: “The British are coming.”

I was proud to be the crier. It was my duty and my honor to ride throughout the country side, alerting the people of danger. I was filled with fervor for this ride to warn my fellow citizens of the danger. The danger to the newly formed Commonwealth of Massachusetts urged me on and on through the night.

Now I cry again for you to awaken from your slumber. There is danger approaching and you must awaken and arise. Be blind no longer to the threats to your Constitution and to your Democracy.

The Constitution was written by men who were inspired by God for the good of all its Citizens; not for the few. Some now, would take the power and keep it from the Citizens. They speak of “Too much Government”, but they speak from fear. Fear of losing their own power. They do not know that power. True power comes from giving and not taking.

True power is sharing of the many. This country was created as a haven for the persecuted. None were turned away. It was created to allow religious freedom and support of one’s personal relationship to the Creator. Not be dictated by the few; - the few who rant and rave at the masses. It is like howling wolves circling the sheep, but you heed not the growls.

Awaken my friends, defend yourselves. Your defense is in loving yourselves and loving others. In allowing others to live peacefully, you too can be at peace.

Celebrate this great country, celebrate the great diversity of races, religions and ideas that have woven together to create these United Sates.

Unify in appreciation of the differences that have made this country great and unique in the world.

I AM patriot and I AM PAUL REVERE