Dr Carter and dr daniels

                                    ~ 24 ~

As you ask for healing of the eyes this morning, our Love pours in to fill you with Faith. The Faith that tells your body to heal itself.

We know that the eye is discomforted. They are the eyes of the soul. And the soul is uneasy. It is not seeing clear the plan that your Spirit has undertaken.

But rest assured that the plans for the Temple of Universality are in place and under way. Be not disturbed that the building process is noisy and seemingly confusing.

There is being created harmony out of the chaos. It is flowing. The waters of thought are sometimes tranquil and other times the emotions create rapids. But the currents of creation flow through the thoughts and have their own part to play.

Words are flowing; - the next step is action. All will work together and in a great rush the water gains momentum and crashes over the waterfall. This is the group energy working together for the initial raising of the Temple. It is needed.

After the water crashes over the waterfall, it goes away and smoothes out. The water is tranquil again. All the waters are flowing peacefully. They have come from different mountain lakes and streams to create the peaceful river. There is no harmony in the river. Many fish can be spawned; - many people fed.

Know that the minds and the emotions of the Temple workers will come into play. Each is different. Each holds a different view of the vision. But all is well. The energies will blend; the work will go forth and the Temple of Universality will be built.

Our good morning to you with much Love.

(from Dr. Carter and Dr. Daniels and the gang) - (as it were)