Shooting star

~ 25 ~

It is essential that the work go forth.  There has been much waiting and holding the vision. The long wait is over. Now is the time for action. “Strike while the iron is hot,” as has been said. The planets are aligning in the heavens. Read them, they will guide you.

Dear Star Born Children of Light, follow not only the stars, but listen to the planets. The planets are live beings, they are not inert matter. Each is the emanation of a great divine principle. As each ray of the rainbow is a principle of power, - as it were, - each planet is a frequency of vibration that resonates a principle.

The Temple is going forth under the direction of the planetary builders. They are directing the work. They are aligning the energies just as your group is aligning theirs.

There is much action on your unseen levels. And each of you is being inner guided as to your individual involvement. Be not fearful of responsibility; - Know that you and the Father are one.

It is a Temple for the worship of the Holy Spirit that you are building. And we are in gratified participation. A New Age is being launched. It is a great thing that is being done. A place of freedom of religion is needed; - a celebration of the human spirit is needed.

Celebrate each other as you come together. Be thankful for the myriad minds and helpful hands extended. We bless you, child, and this great project.

I bring you greetings from the Planetary Logos.