~ 27 ~

The energies of peace are waning on the earthplane as you spoke to the group last evening. Prayers must be spoken. They must be sent out into the others to fortify and magnetize the great thought form of peace. The sincerity of the hearts in the prayers for peace were heard in all realms and many heard the calls and responded.

In your year of 1986 many hearts and minds on your planet coalesced the thought form; - the great power of peace. And it was done by many coming together on your plane of reality; - joined by many from ours.

You saw the results of those efforts as the bricks from the Berlin Wall fell. You watched as strides toward peace and understanding went forward in China. And many prayers were answered as the beautiful soul, Michael Gorbachev announced the dissolution and abandonment of Communism in Russia. And you saw its insidious tentacles be withdrawn from many countries and many peoples.

You witnessed in a span of short duration the power of prayer through unified efforts on your part, dear friends. You are responsible collectively, dear friends, for peace and war. Individually, each day, you declare war of peace. Do I sent out thoughts of peace and love to those with whom I share life; - or do I distrust them; envy or judge them? It is your choice, dear friends: heaven or hell, war or peace. It is entirely up to you. But we greatly encourage you to peace.

It is past time for the unity of hearts. Recognize the commonality of all peoples and celebrate their differences. This mantra was created in realms of Spirit to coalesce the souls of earth.

It is time for understanding, tolerance and celebration to resonate from your hearts. The kingdom of heaven is within. Allow the kingdom of God to be created on the earth plane.

The time is now and it is important to act. To actively speak the sincere words of peace. The world healing prayer that was given to John Randolph Price is Powerful. You saw its power, -- use it. The prayers will strengthen the force of the waning energies and turn back the forces of darkness.

In Love we come to offer our assistance.